Feb 9, 2011

PhD Close environment effect on antenna-channel-Grenoble

A PhD scholarship in Electrical Engineering has been announced for the academic year 2011. The PhD scholarship is in association with the Institute of Nuclear Sciences, France. The research area for this PhD scholarship is Electromagnetism - Electrical engineering / Engineering science, Mathematics - Numerical analysis - Simulation / Engineering science.

Title of PhD project: Close environment effect on antenna-channel characteristics

Description: New wireless systems present strong constraints in terms of miniaturization and of antenna integration into the mobile devices, which often leads to a degradation of the antenna performances. Moreover the electromagnetic interaction with the close surrounding environment and the user (hand grip, proximity to the head, contact with the human body in Body Area Networks, etc) can strongly impact the terminal performance. These effects are systematically neglected in channel modeling and can lead to unfair evaluation of the wireless communication system performance.

The aim of this PhD thesis is to investigate and model the effects of the near field perturbation on the antenna characteristics and on the propagation channel, in order to predict and mitigate their influence on the system performances.
This thesis will be carried out in collaboration with the Comelec department of Telecom ParisTech. The student will share his time between the two laboratories.

Département Systèmes et Intégration Système (LETI)
Communication sans fil et Sécurité
Starting date: 01/10/2011
Centre : Grenoble

Application: Candidates who are interested in the PhD scholarship in Electrical Engineering, Grenoble, France can contact the following person
Contact person: Raffaele D'Errico
17, rue des Martyrs
38054 Grenoble Cedex 9
Email : raffaele.derrico@ cea.fr
Phone: +3 3( 0) 43 87 85 64 7

Further details about the institute can be found on PhD scholarships link

University/Graduate School: Paris VI, Informatique, Télécommunications et Electronique (EDITE) - Paris VI

Thesis supervisor:
Alain Sibille
ENST-Paris Tech / Comelec
46, rue Barrault
75634 Paris cedex 13

Note: Application deadline to the PhD scholarship in Electrical Engineering, Grenoble, France is April end, 2011.

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