Feb 9, 2011

Graduate Course "Divided Societies: Research, Methodology, Ethics" 16-23 April 2011

Divided Societies is a graduate course that will in 2011 enter its fifteenth year. This year's subtitle 'Research, Methodology, Ethics' focuses the course on theoretical, methodological, ethical and practical issues of research in divided societies. These issues are always present in designing and carrying out research as well as in its presentation and dissemination, already as preliminary questions, but are seldom given adequate scholarly attention. In the traditional view of social sciences, every research requires a firm theoretical basis and a clearly defined (preferably disciplinary) methodological framework that should follow prescribed ethical principles. However, the success of research on complex phenomena such as ethnicity and divided societies to a large extent depends on the combination of different theoretical frameworks, the utilization of several disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approaches and methodologies, as well as on the complex ethical issues that do not only take into account the research process, but also the possible impacts of the research process and results in a given environment.

These issues will be addressed by the course that is an eight-day, interdisciplinary workshop combining conference-oriented presentation of scholarly research with an intensive and rigorous academic program for graduate and advanced undergraduate students. In addition, the course offers personal inter-cultural experience of students and faculty from other contexts in the unforgettable setting of a city that was itself the target of a destructive conflict.

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Scholarships cover costs of hotel accommodation (half board) in Dubrovnik. Reservations are made by the agency Gulliver and direct payments of hotel services are made by the IUC Secretariat. Exceptionally, a limited number of participants from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Republic of Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine may receive partial compensation of travel expenses. This does not apply for students studying in EU or other western universities.

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