Dec 14, 2009

CfP: Human Security Perspectives

Human Security Perspectives is an online journal edited by the European Training and
Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (ETC) Graz. The journal seeks to enhance the concept of human security by contributing to the development of global human security agenda and by providing an active forum for exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge and information in the field of human security.

The journal was born as a follow-up on the “International Summer Academy on
Human Rights and Human Security” held in Graz in September 2003. Intensive discussion on the human security topic continued online after the end of the Summer Academy, which suggested the creation of a joint follow-up project for deepening discussions of human security.

The upcoming seventh issue of Human Security Perspectives will be guest-edited by
members of the project 'Die Zukunft der Sicherheit/The Future of Security' which is conducted at the Department of International Law and International Relations of Karl-Franzens University Graz and sponsored by the Jubiläumsfonds of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank.

The main topic of the fourth issue of the journal will be “Human Security 2010: The Way Forward”.

Under this general topic, the upcoming issue will assemble contributions covering the
following three areas: i) Human Security: Conceptual Issues; ii) European Dimensions of Human Security; iii) Operationalizing and Mainstreaming Human Security. The Editorial Committee welcomes original scientific papers addressing the topic!
Deadline for submission of the papers will be 1 February 2010. If you wish to
contribute an article, please contact Nathan Hauthaler at nathan.hauthaler@ etc-graz. at. For formal and stylistic guidelines, please consult also the website of ETC Graz,

The Editorial Committee Members,
Wolfgang Benedek
Nathan Hauthaler
Matthias C. Kettemann
Markus Möstl
Gerd Oberleitner
Maddalena Vivona Graz,

3 December 2009

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