Dec 15, 2009

Up to 3 Doctoral Fellowships, University of Oslo


are being advertised at The Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Education, University of Oslo, Norway.

One of these doctoral fellowships will be at the Faculty of Education.

Up to two doctoral fellowships will be at the Faculty of Humanities.

In the autumn of 2008, University of Oslo established the research programme KULTRANS with the participation of several faculties. KULTRANS aims to strenghten research on cultural transformations in an age of globalization. A key focus of the programme will be concepts and representations of ”the world”. The research will be transdisciplinary, transnational and transhistorical. In autumn 2009 we appointed six doctoral fellows who will form a core group in KULTRANS. We now seek to expand this group with three new positions. Candidates for these positions must offer a project which is clearly connected to the KULTRANS programme (see as well as to one or more of its research areas:

- Migration, identity and language

- Foundational texts

- Nature and the natural

- Cultural production: Aesthetics and Materiality

- Transnational processes, legitimacy, values

In this second round of applications we will look for projects that

a) target the period before 1900 and discuss the historical dimension and/or

b) have an explicit linguistic, textual or discourse-oriented perspective and/or

c) focus on political processes and institutions

For the fellowship associated with the Faculty of Education b) and c) are particularly relevant.

Applicants must have a Master degree, or equivalent. The positions are available for a period of three years. The positions must be taken up by October 1 2010.

Candidates who are accepted must participate in Faculty’s researcher education programme (cf. regulations and supplementary provisions for the Faculty’s researcher education) and must also engage in the designated research activities. The successful candidates are expected to affiliate with the research milieu associated with KULTRANS.

In assessing the applications, special emphasis will be placed on the quality of the project description and on the assumed academic and personal ability on the part of the candidates to complete the dissertation within the given time frame. The short-listed candidates may be called for an interview at the University of Oslo.

Guidelines for appointments to research fellowships at the Faculty of Humanities may be obtained at

The University of Oslo has a goal of recruiting more women in academic positions.
Women are encouraged to apply. The University of Oslo also has a goal of recruiting more immigrants to Norway in academic positions. Immigrants are encouraged to apply.

The University of Oslo has an agreement for all employees, aiming to secure rights to research results a.o.

For further questions and discussion of potential projects,
contact the academic director of the programme, Helge Jordheim (, or
the leader for that area. For administrative questions, contact Jan-Børge Tjäder, tlf: +47 22 85 68 94,

Government wage scale: 45-52 (depending on level of expertise, NOK 355 600 - NOK 401 500 per annum)

Closing date: February 1, 2010 2009/1747


Applicants must email the following material in doc-, rtf- or pdf-format to (Please mark apllications and e-mails with ref. no 2009/1747):

- Letter of application describing qualifications

- Project description, including a detailed progress plan for the project (maximum 5 pages, see Guidelines for project descriptions:

- A list of published and unpublished works

- Curriculum vitae with grades

Please quote 10 Academic Resources Daily in your application to this opportunity!

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