Dec 12, 2009

INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS from the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Warsaw, Poland

The Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences launches the exciting PhD programme in both fundamental research and applications in bio- and nanotechnology and information processing.

Application Procedure
The deadline for application is March 10, 2010

Candidates have to:
1) hold Master of Science or equivalent degree obtained not earlier than in 2004
2) be fluent in English
3) submit the required documents by e-mail to the supervisors of three subjects chosen from the list included on the page The still available projects are: A3, A7, A8, A9, B1, B3, B8. For the remaining projects the PhD students have been already selected. Please, click on the title to see short summary of the project.

Documents to be submitted to the Recruitment Commission

A short (up to two pages) letter of intent, describing the candidate’s qualifications for the project. This letter should be focused on his/her skills in performing independent scientific research and abilities for an efficient team work, and indicate how the former education (courses completed, skills acquired) makes him/her a person most eligible for the project, etc.

A short summary (not more than four pages) of the Candidate’s M Sc thesis with emphasis on the scientific research aspect of it.

A confidential letter of recommendation on the provided referee form from, who can judge his/her potential as a PhD student. This letter should be sent by the referee to the e-mail addresses of the supervisors of the chosen projects or faxed (fax number 48 22-343-3333 or 48 22-632-5276) from an institutional e-mail address or fax number.

Filled application form.
All documents should be submitted electronically (preferably in one e-mail letter) to the addresses of the supervisors of the chosen projects (the e-mail addresses are on the page

Candidates with the highest preliminary admission scores will be invited for an interview.

The interview of all invited candidates will be conducted at the Institute of Physical Chemistry in Warsaw.

The date and time of the interview will be announced on the internet web page before 10-03-2010. Hard copies of all official documents should be supplied to the IPC PAS by the interview day.

For foreign candidates the interview in the form of teleconference can be accepted.
During the interview with the members of the Recruitment Commission, the candidates should be prepared to answer questions related to their submitted letter of intent and content of the MSc thesis, their scientific background and expertise, as well as some general questions.

Admission decisions will be based upon preliminary admission scores, the results of the interview and the opinion of the prospective PhD supervisor. As soon as the recruitment process is completed, the candidates will be notified about the results.

Application form (pfd)

Application form (doc)

Recommendation form (pdf)

Recommendation form (doc)

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