Jul 20, 2010

Alchemical Traditions—Call for Papers

Spanning the world’s artistic, scientific and religious traditions, alchemy has embraced and continues to embrace the complete spectrum of existence. From metallurgy to metaphysics, alchemy engages the technical, fine and hieratic arts in order to provide a living phenomenology of the one, single, elusive process that acts through all things. Ultimately—in its guise as « ars transmutationis »—alchemy penetrates to the heart of the transfiguring spiritual intensity that underpins the perfection of life, from mineral to man.

Despite this profoundly all-embracing purview, however, alchemy continues to be conceived as either proto-chemistry or proto-psychology. The present volume seeks to redress this false dichotomy by exploring alchemy as a quintessentially integral phenomenon. Opening wide the full spectrum of alchemy—from east to west, in history and practice, from antiquity to the avant guard—our aim is to penetrate as deeply as possible, within the limits of a single volume, into the rich practical and experiential traditions of the alchemical mysterium.

What we are looking for:

To complete this œuvre, we seek high quality contributions on both historical and practical alchemy. By historical alchemy we refer to specific religious, temporal or cultural traditions, such as Egyptian, Chinese, Judaic, Hellenistic, Christian, Indo-Tibetan, Islamicate, Medieval, Renaissance, Early Modern, Modern, Post-Modern and Avant Guard alchemical currents. By practical alchemy we refer to living, experimental and experiential traditions of alchemy, from metallogenesis, spagyrics, parachemistry, macrobiotics and iatrochemistry, through to theurgy, phenomenology, psychology, theatre and film. Perspectives from the world’s esoteric lineages—Pythagoreanism, Taoism, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Neoplatonism, Theurgy, Tantra, Sufism, Rosicrucianism, Shamanism and Perennial Theosophy—are also germane. Last but not least, it should be emphasised that poetic, artistic, literary and other arational expressions of the alchemical mysterium are just as strongly encouraged as the artisinal and hieratic modalities of alchemy.

Interested parties are invited to contact the editor for more information:

Aaron Cheak

Deadline for abstracts, concepts and initial drafts is 31 October 2010. This is the date that chapter authors and topics will be finalised, however, material should be submitted as soon as possible. The final submission date is tentatively scheduled for 31 December 2010, just after the northern winter/antipodean summer solstice. Full submission guidelines are available upon request.

Further details will be made available as they arise via Primordial Traditions.


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