Jul 13, 2010

USA, EUROPE: Symantec Research Labs Graduate Fellowships

Application Deadline: *December 18, 2010*

Symantec is accepting applications for the 2011 Fellowship starting in July 2010. Symantec Research Labs Graduate Fellowships will be awarded to outstanding Ph.D. and M.S. students who meet the eligibility criteria listed below. A key goal of the program is to fund innovative research that has real-world value, in areas of Symantec's business interests in information security, availability, and integrity. Fellowship participants also gain first hand research and development experience
through guidance and mentorship from a top scientist of Symantec Research Labs during the fellowship period. Each participant is also encouraged to spend a summer working with their mentor at Symantec on a research project in their area of interest.

*Provisions of the Award*

- In the U.S., the fellowship award will cover 100% of tuition and fees for the recipient's graduate school in the U.S., as well as a stipend to cover living expenses while in school.
- In Europe, a stipend is provided to cover research and living expenses while in school .
- Mentors from Symantec Research Labs are paired with award recipients. The mentor is a top researcher who can provide ongoing technical guidance on the recipient's research, during their graduate training as well as during summer internships at Symantec.
- All recipients will be encouraged to take a salaried summer internship with Symantec Research Labs (Mountain View, CA; Culver City, CA; or Sophia Antipolis, France).
- Each recipient will be given a laptop preloaded with Symantec software.
- Fellowships are awarded to recipients for one academic year and may be extended for a second year, based on the award recipient's continued exceptional academic standing, progress and achievement. Any such extensions will be granted solely at Symantec's discretion.

*Eligibility Criteria*

- Applying students must attend a U.S. or European university in a Ph.D. or Master's program focused on technology research. Exceptional graduating undergraduate seniors may also apply and final award is contingent on their acceptance to a graduate program.
- Preference will be given to students with a desire to work in an industrial research lab and those working on research projects likely to have real-world practical value to customers, in areas related to Symantec's businesses of information security, availability, and integrity.
- Recipients will also be selected based on their overall potential for research excellence and their academic progress to-date as evidenced by publications.
- The scholarship awards will be made through the university and are not transferable to another academic institution.

*Application Dates and Process*

- Fellowship applications will be accepted beginning July 2010.
- Application deadline will be December 18, 2010.
- As part of the application process, some candidates may be contacted for telephone interviews.
- Final award decisions will be announced in February 2011.

For more information on Symantec Research Labs Graduate Fellowships,
please visit: www.symantec.com/about/careers/college/fellowship.jsp , or
write to: SRLFellowship@ Symantec. com

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