Jul 18, 2010

USA: Scholarships Pacific University, Oregon

*About Pacific University*

Pacific University is one of the best traditional universities in America. This is not just our idea. According to US NEWS & WORLD REPORT, Pacific University is in the top 13% of the 1400 American universities included in our category.

. We can give you "Conditional Admission" if you meet the academic requirements of the university, but don't have enough English yet.

. We offer small classes with over 50 areas of study and several powerful ESL programs. Average university academic class size is 19 and average ESL class size is 12.

. Professors are interested in YOU, and they are easy to meet after class for advice and help.

. We are a private university offering LARGE SCHOLARSHIPS for international students. After scholarships, our tuition cost is about the same as a public university. This means you can get a high-quality private university education at about the same cost of a public university.

. Classes are taught by real professors. We don't use "teaching assistants" to teach freshman classes, as most public universities do. This means the quality of our teaching is very high.

. Our Career Center can help you find INTERNSHIPS before graduation and full-time PAYING JOBS after graduation (limited to 1 year by US immigration).

. You can apply for part-time jobs on campus. This will help you save a little money. It will also help you improve your English and meet people. (We cannot guarantee you a job, but we can help you apply.)

. You can begin taking classes for university credit, together with ESL classes, with only iBT 53 (475 TOEFL or 5.0 IELTS). This is through our ELI Transition program.

. Pacific has a very strong ESL program, started in 1982, to help you reach our TOEFL requirement quickly.

. There is a strong feeling of community at Pacific. It is easy to make American and international friends. We have many programs to help you get connected to other students, get connected to your professors and get connected to the community.

*Undergraduate Scholarships *

* Pacific offers AUTOMATIC SCHOLARSHIPS to all international undergraduate students based on your high school or college scores at the time of admission.

* The scholarship ranges from US$ 6,000 to US$ 9,000 per year.

* Your scholarship award is PER YEAR for FOUR YEARS. You do not need to apply separately for these scholarships. They are automatically awarded to all admitted students. We will show the scholarship amount on your acceptance letter and I-20.

* While studying at Pacific, you must have a Pacific GPA of at least 2.0 (average score) to keep your scholarship.

* These scholarships are only for UNDERGRADUATE students (both Freshman and Transfer Students). They do not apply to graduate level students.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at intladmissions@pacificu.edu .

John Harn

International Admissions

intladmissions@ pacificu. edu

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