Jul 16, 2010

USA: Scholarships at Oregon State University

*Oregon State University*
Oregon State is the only Oregon university to hold the Carnegie Foundation's prestigious designation reserved for universities with "very high research activity." OSU also is Oregon's land, sea, sun and space grant university.

* OSU programs in Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Pharmacy, and a variety of other areas are nationally recognized for high quality.
* With graduate degree programs in 100 areas, OSU offers exceptional opportunities for study and research.
* Nearly 1,000 international students are studying at OSU, adding diversity and richness to the university's academic and cultural life.
* Internships and undergraduate research opportunities offer OSU students the opportunity to gain actual career-related experience while in school.
* More undergraduate classes are taught by top professors with national reputations for research and teaching than at most major universities.
* In the College of Liberal Arts, master teachers, selected for their scholarly expertise, lead small discovery groups in exploring issues related to core classes.
* Faculty members throughout the university work closely with students in research, creative projects, university governance, and clubs and organizations.
* OSU's projected $250 million in funded research this year ranks it among an elite group of research universities nationally.
* Research is conducted in all colleges and more than 20 multidisciplinary programs, centers, and institutes at OSU.
* More than 2,000 OSU undergraduates participate in research projects with faculty members and graduate students each year.

For more information about OSU profile visit http://oregonstate.edu/about/ .

*Scholarships for international students*
Oregon State University offers several scholarships and tuition remission programs that award qualified international students with partial tuition remission. Some are highly competitive and require a seperate application, while others may be awarded based on your previous academic accomplishments. Please note the descriptions below and links to their respective websites.

International Provost Scholarship
Undergraduate students entering the University as freshmen or transfer students are automatically reviewed for scholarship eligibility. Eligibility Criteria: Academic Achievement; minimum of 3.5/4.0 average on high school or university (bachelor's degree level) grades and meet the English language proficiency requirements for full admission. Conditionally admitted students are ineligible. Award Amount: $4,000,
6,000 or $7,000 per year; renewable, subject to academic record. /No separate application is required. For full consideration, an application for admission, transcripts and test scores, must be received by Apr. 1. /

_International Baccalaureate Scholarship_
Undergraduate students who have completed the full International Baccalaureate diploma with a score of 30 or higher may be awarded a minimum of $3,000 per year, renewable for up to 4 years. For more information about scholarships available to international students at OSU, go to -

International Cultural Service Program (ICSP)
Undergraduate and graduate international students, who have also applied for admission to OSU, are eligible to apply for the International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) scholarship. A select number of academically meritorious international students who have a demonstrated financial need, speak English clearly, and are prepared to share information about their country and culture, may serve as the ICSP
scholars at OSU each year. Students receive a partial tuition award, (approximately $10,000), in exchange for providing community service throughout the academic year. This is a very competitive program and many qualified applicants cannot be accepted due to the limited number of awards and the need for geographic balance and cultural diversity. Detailed instructions along with the application form and deadline can
be found on the website - http://oregonstate.edu/international/ICSP is made only in the spring for the next academic year.

Oregon State University offers several scholarships and tuition remission programs that award qualified international students with partial and sometime full tuition remission, as in the case of graduate assistantships. Some are highly competitive and require an application, while others are automatically awarded based on your previous grades. Please note the descriptions below and links to their respective websites.

http://oregonstate.edu/international/ICSP/ Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships

Graduate students may be offered a teaching or research assistantship that involves working within one's department or possibly elsewhere on the OSU campus. In exchange for 12-19 hours of service per week, GA's receive a monthly salary ($600-$1,500 per month), full tuition remission that is equal to approximately $17,000, and a partial contribution toward the graduate-assistant- only health insurance premium.
Availability of graduate assistantship varies greatly by department. You may indicate your interest in an assistantship on your application for admission. You may also contact your prospective department directly for more information.

Supplemental Oregon Laurels Graduate Scholarship

Nominees must be resident or nonresident graduate students, domestic or international who have proven themselves to be academically talented. New and continuing graduate students in degree programs will be considered for Supplemental Oregon Laurels Scholarships. Recipients will be required to enroll for a minimum of 12 credits each term of the award. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic qualifications as evaluated from one's GPA on the last 90 hours of undergraduate work, one's GPA on courses taken after the first baccalaureate, performance in current degree program (if nominee is a continuing student), letters of recommendation testifying to the student's academic ability, and GRE or other standard test scores, when available. Evaluation will be made by the Dean of the Graduate School.
College and Departmental Scholarships_
Eligibility criteria and award amounts vary by college/ department based on availability of funding. Student may be asked to provide additional information to departments. Check department websites for further information.

More information for international students' opportunities at OSU are available at http://oregonstate.edu/admissions/international.php.

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