Sep 28, 2010

CfP: Applied Anthropology Forum: Development--2 decades of experience

Applied Anthropology Forum: Development
Anthropology Department AUCA in partnership
with the Social Research Center, AUCA

Date: 9 October, 2010

Applied Anthropology Forum: Development

Title: Two decades of experience: have we found a proper translation for the "word" development?

Synopsis: Almost twenty years passed since Kyrgyzstan became independent and took on a path of reforms and since the word "Development" entered our lexicon. Large sums of development money
were invested and great number of development programs and projects was designed and implemented. But have we yet come up with a proper translation for the word "development" ? The Russian word "razvitie" and Kyrgyz "onügüü/onüktürüü" are much broader than what is commonly
accepted as the effort towards improving the living conditions of the poor. So, when asked about the area of work, development workers in Kyrgyzstan usually just say: "I work in an international organization". Why is it so? Is it simply because of the shortage of local vocabulary or because of some more fundamental reasons, like a culture gap? With so much work completed, can we say that Kyrgyzstan is more developed now than it was in 1991? If yes, what are the real successes? If not, what are the main obstacles and failures? What is the role of development anthropology in bridging many Western concepts with the local reality?

This conference invites development professionals, consultants, experts and analysts to reflect on and evaluate their development experience in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia, present their achievements and then participate in the joint discussion of all these and other important questions.

If you are interested in attending the forum, please, contact the anthropology department at anthropology@ mail.auca. kg or 996-312-663309* 299. Please, indicate if you want to present or just attend and participate and indicate the title of your presentation.


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