Sep 27, 2010

Post doc in Bordeaux, France

Position profile : Post-doctoral researcher (m/f)
Duration : 2 years contract
level: PhD
title: Neurophysiology
Range of salary : 1800 - 2200 euros per month (net)
(according to experience)

Host Organization :
The « Institut des Maladies Neurodégénératives » (IMN - Institute of Neurodegenerative Disorders) is a research unit under the guardianship of the CNRS and the University Victor Segalen-Bordeaux 2. It supports close links with the University Hospital of Bordeaux. The laboratory, featuring 95 persons, is an integral part of the Neurocampus, the Bordeaux Excellence center for Neuroscience. The laboratory is organized into 7 independent scientific teams.

The post-doc will be in charge, under the supervision of the project leader and in close collaboration with the other project members, of a project aiming at restoring motor performances in the Parkinson's disease gold standard, the MPTP-treated non-human primate, through the development of brain-machine interface.

This project is supported by European contract (NEUWALK) aiming at characterizing the electrophysiologial and cinematic parameters of a "normal" state, at developing the movement analysis methodology, at performing the surgical implantation of a "smart" stimulator invented and developed by our partners in the European network on the parkinsonian monkeys and at quantifying the behavioral consequences.

- To develop protocols and adapt the experimental conditions in order to answer to the project goals
- To jointly run electrophysiologica l investigations (chronic EMG recordings, tridimensional kinematics, cortical and subcortical multi-single unit telemetric recordings) in a pathophysiological context (macaque model of Parkinson's disease)
- To share and exploit the data with the European partners in order to better define and improve the characteristics of the spinal stimulator.

- Strong knowledge in movement physiology, Basal Ganglia physiology, and cellular biology.
- Proven practice in electrophysiology - Master the conceptual framework
- Fluent in English

The following attributes will be well-regarded: ability to communicate with people at all levels, strong time organization proficiency, aptitude to work both unsupervised and as a part of a team, competency in data processing and in using analysis softwares (e.g. Mathlab).

Contact :
To apply, send a e-mail at Erwan Bezard (Erwan.bezard@ u-bordeaux2. fr) and Christian Gross (christian.gross@ u-bordeaux2. fr), with a cover letter, a CV, the list of publications and the summary of the PhD dissertation

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