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UK: Oxford Summer Academy

Oxford Summer Academy is an academically exciting and challenging summer
programme for students who are aged at least sixteen. It is residential
in the University of Oxford, with guest speakers from the University. Participants must have first language English or be fluent in English, and be well motivated academically.

We are able to arrange accreditation in conjunction with your school or university.

For details of our other summer programmes (Oxford and Cambridge University preparation, IB, ALevel and GCSE, English Language, etc) as well as year-round courses please refer to our website. Speakers of all levels of English, as well as Juniors under 16, are welcome on these

*The **Oxford** **Summer** **Academy** courses*

Students participating in the Oxford Summer Academy may choose two courses from the four listed below, or they may choose to study just one course throughout their stay. The seminars take place in small groups for fifteen hours each week, with one seminar led by a guest speaker from the University of Oxford.

On two or three afternoons each week (a total of six hours) you will take part in interactive workshops... ...these are based on projects led by a tutor, and you will have the opportunity to develop your individual skills and interests. You may choose two workshops from the four listed
below, or take the same one throughout your stay. There is no restriction on which workshop is combined with which programme.

For details of other courses available in the summer please refer to the summer programmes section of our website. There are over twenty subjects to choose from.

*Course One: English Literature : Shakespeare and the **Oxford** Writers*

Students study Shakespeare and also the Writers associated with Oxford, including Oscar Wilde, John Betjeman, J.K Rowling, T.S.Eliot, Tolkien, Lewis Carroll and Thomas Hardy. You will read novels, plays and poetry from a selection of both the old and the new, which are then looked at
critically in the context of the time at which they were written.

This course considers Shakespeare' s writing from his earliest works to the late plays. We will address concerns that persist throughout his work (power, gender, the ambivalence of language), as well as trying to become attentive to the ways in which his writing changes over time. A
particular focus will be the relationship between Shakespeare' s work and the world in which he lived and wrote. **

You will enjoy the programme if you love reading, and you enjoyed those English lessons where you really got to grips with a novel, a play or a poem. You will also visit places associated with Shakespeare eg Stratford, and the places linked with Oxford writers, such as Tolkien,
Shelley and Lewis Carroll.

*Course Two:The Visual Arts*

You will study fine art, painting, photography, sculpture and the decorative arts, and the social and political context in which they were produced. You will look at European Art of the Renaissance as well as Modern Art. There is also a chance to specialise, including writing an
extended essay on a subject of your choice

Oxford is a wonderful city for the study of Art ....there are numerous galleries including the Ashmolean (the oldest in Europe) and MOMA. The Colleges of the University often house major works such as those of the pre-Raphaelites. If you love wandering around art galleries, this is the course for you, and it'll give you an insight into our culture and our history.

*Course Three: Classical Studies and European Languages*

Oxford is renowned for the study of Humanities and Languages in particular and has some of the most inspiring teachers in these subjects in the world. Greek and Roman Literature and Philosophy are the basis of the future development of European Culture. You will study (in
translation) major writes of the Classical period, such as Plato, Aristotle, Horace and Cicero. You will relate their works to the society in which they lived.

You will also study the language and literature of a European country, chosen from France, Spain or Germany. The texts will include works by twentieth century writers and will relate their work to the historical and social background of the time.

Students who have previously studied a Classical or Modern Language will take some of their classes separately from beginners, and their programme will include translation and study of the texts in the original.

*Course Four: European History and International Relations*

You will study twentieth century European History, focussing upon the changing relationships between the European States and the importance of the USA in the century's history. **

You will also study the British system of government including parliament, parties, elections, pressure groups and our concepts of representation and participation. But students can also choose to look at the US government as well as the new systems in Europe.

Fascinated by current affairs? Want to understand how our societies developed? Or perhaps you just fancy studying a subject that unfolds on our television screens every night. You will also visit the Oxford Union and Debating Society, where many of our Prime Ministers began their
political career.

*Workshop One: Creative Writing*

Are you eager to write your first play, poem or novel but not sure where to start? Or have you written something previously but need some new inspiration?

Our creative writing workshop, led by published authors, will guide and stimulate your imaginative powers. You will expand your skills of observation and language by looking at the work of various writers of drama, novels and poetry. You will collect numerous tips on craft and

You will produce your own short story, or play, or poems during the workshop and these will be shared with the group on completion.

Creative writing is one of the most stimulating and fulfilling ways to express yourself, and you're never too young or too old to enjoy this fascinating opportunity.

*Workshop Two: Drawing, Painting and Jewellery Design*

Led by some of Oxford finest artists and jewellery designers, the workshops provide an enjoyable introduction to both painting and jewellery design, covering line, tone, shape, composition, and colour. You will use various drawing and painting mediums and shown how to create structure, depth and space, as well as how to see colour.

You will produce your own portfolio of work, sometimes based outdoors with your tutor and drawing upon the inspiration of the beautiful city of Oxford. You will also produce at least one piece of jewellery as a memento of this wonderful creative experience.

* *

*Workshop Three: The Oxford University Union Style Debates*

The Oxford University Union ( is probably the most famout Debating society in the world. It is the place where many British prime ministers began their political careers. It attracts renowned international guest speakers each week....people such as presidents, business leaders and people from the world of show business.

In this workshop of Oxford Union-style debates audience members are expected to contribute during the debate itself. Each member of the group will also have the opportunity to be a speaker or to chair the debate.

An experienced tutor will lead the debates and topics will include current affairs, culture, music, and society. During their stay participants will visit the Oxford University Union.

A fun way to increas your communcation skills and confidence!

*Workshop Four: The Oxford Summer Show!*

Led by a professional actor, the group will produce and perform a play working which will be shown in front of a live audience on completion. The choice of play is discussed with the group and the actors before arrival.

The workshop includes practical theatre techniques, a Shakespeare Masterclass, a behind--the- scenes visit to the Theatre, and the opportunity to see one of Oxford's famous summer plays, held in the Gardens of one of the Colleges of the University.

If you enjoy acting, directing or just visiting the theatre this workshop is for you!

*Other Subjects*

We teach over twenty subjects and individual tuition can be arranged for an additional fee in any of them. They include Business Subjects, Maths and Sciences, Philosophy and Religious Studies, and Psychology. For the complete list of all the subjects please visit the Subjects Taught section of our website.


* *

You will live, like an Oxford undergraduate, in one of the Colleges of Oxford University, such as Wadham College ( . Your seminars will also take place in the University.

The rooms are for single occupancy (but it is possible to arrange for two friends to share) and students have breakfast and dinner in the College. Oxford is a small city and the Colleges are in the centre. Lunches can be purchased easily from one of the many restaurants, stores or coffee shops. A packed lunch is included on excursion days.

Students have use of the Oxford City Library, which has excellent facilities for loan of books for additional reading, and for use of computers with educational software. This is very close to the Colleges of residence, but students who wish to buy a bus pass to travel to other locations in the city are advised to purchase a "Freedom Pass" which is very good value.

For information on other forms of accommodation (hotels, families etc) please refer to the accommodation section of our website. These alternative forms of accommodation are available when all University places are full.

*Social and Cultural Programme*

* *

The programme includes museum and gallery visits, "punting" (a long boat a little like a gondola) on the river, international evenings, barbecues, talent contests, indoor ice-skating, English cream tea, and learning to play cricket and croquet.

There is a welcome reception, mid-course formal lunch in Oxford University, and farewell party with certificates. Every weekend there is a full day excursion outside Oxford. Destinations include London, Stratford, and Bath. There is also a midweek half day excursion or a visit to the theatre or a musical performance every other week.

*Travelling to **Oxford***

* *

Arrival day is Sunday and departure day is Saturday. You should plan to arrive no later than 4pm and to depart by 10am. You can arrange our airport transfer service (please refer to the Fees section of our website for prices, which are additional to the course fee) or you can take a bus from all major airports directly to Oxford. Heathrow, the nearest airport, is approximately ninety minutes by bus.

*Programme Dates*

Students may participate for two or four weeks, and an extension of further weeks is also available (please email us if you are interested in having further information about this possibility) .

In 2011 the dates are as follows:

Two week programmes :

* Sunday July 3rd to Saturday July 16^th
* Sunday July 17^th to Saturday July 30^th

Four week programme:

* Sunday July 3rd to Saturday July 30th

*Fees and Scholarships*

* *

The fees are £2700 for two weeks, and £5200 for four weeks. Click here

to convert to your currency.

The price includes:

* Residence in a College of Oxford University in a single room with breakfast and dinner;
* Tuition and workshops as described above;
* Social , cultural and excursions programme as described above, including transport, guide and admission fees;
* Packed lunch on full day excursions;
* Welcome reception and farewell party, with certificates;
* Reports on completion;
* Liaison with your school or university concerning accreditation;
* Services of educational counsellors throughout the programme;
* Books and materials which are essential for the programme;
* Welcome pack with information about Oxford, stationery, and OISC shirt;
* Membership of Oxford City Library.
* Formal lunch (one every two weeks) in the University.

The price does not include:

* Lunches, except for those specified above;
* Travel and medical insurance which must be taken out before departure;
* Travel to and from the UK;
* Transfers to and from Oxford;
* Bus pass in Oxford;
* Personal spending money.

For information on fees of our other summer or year round programmes please refer to the Fees section of our website.

Oxford International Study Centre offers a limited number of academic scholarships each year. These are worth 20%-50% of course fees. If you would like to apply for a scholarship please mail us with as much information as possible about why you feel you are eligible for one.

The important points to remember are that the scholarships are awarded for academic excellence and potential (so we will need your transcript of academic achievements and a reference from your school or university) and also financial need . We will also value highly reasons you give for wanting to take a particular programme in this university city.

The deadine for Scholarship applications is *February 6^th 2011** *and the awards will be confirmed by *April 1^st 2011**.*

*How to book*

* *

1. To secure your place please complete the online registration form as soon as possible, clearly stating your first and second choice of courses, and first and second choices of workshops. Please also state any optional extras such as airport transfers.

2. You should also email us with as much information about yourself and your plans as possible (email to principal@oxintstud

3. You should read carefully the terms and conditions on our website, particularly those on our cancellation policy.

4. You will then be invoiced. You can either pay a deposit of £500 to secure your place, or pay the full amount. Fees must be received in full 60 days before arrival.

* *Early Bird discount for bookings received before December 1^st 2009;*
* *First choice options guaranteed for bookings received before **February 1^st 2011*

* *

*Agency bookings and Group Rates*

We welcome applications from groups of students, and from educational agents and counsellors. These bookings have special rates. Please email us with your requirements and we will get back to you with a quotation.

* *

*Contact us*

* *

If you have any questions or would like any advice on your choice of programme please contact us :
tel : + 44 1865 201009
fax: +44 1865 201006

Please quote 10 Academic Resources Daily in your application to this opportunity!

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