Sep 16, 2010

USA: Cedar Crest College Welcomes International Students

There is no fee to apply to Cedar Crest College, and all international students who apply are considered for scholarships!

Cedar Crest, which was recently named one of the top 10 women's colleges in the U.S. by Forbes magazine, has many outstanding academic programs and is especially strong in biological sciences, nursing, and forensic science. Our traditional undergraduate program (for students right out of high school) is reserved for women, but we also accept men for our graduate programs and for our life-long learning programs (for students beyond the regular college age).

Cedar Crest also offers many advantages beyond the obvious academic ones. We specialize in educating women to be global leaders. Also, our campus, a nationally registered arboretum, is beautifully situated on a ridge in the prestigious West End of Allentown, only an hour from
Philadelphia and 90 minutes from New York. We offer a very safe, healthy and convenient environment for students. Our 11:1 student-faculty ratio means that students here get lots of individual attention and guidance in their studies. The presence of several other colleges and
universities in the area means that there are also good possibilities to take courses at other schools and to take advantage of other opportunities offered by the rich academic environment in the Lehigh Valley.

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